"How I Spent My Summer!
Calling All Artists"
I would love to be able to give my students the opportunity to showcase their talents, so if anyone would like to volunteer to produce some art work for my new upcoming course. 
This new course is about teaching others how to use art therapy techniques for the purpose of helping them to heal. The point of the course is to demonstrate that art therapy and the creative process is inclusive and that everyone regardless of age, ability, or education, can benefit and can help others heal.
I was honored by having four of my submitted pieces of art work / photography accepted and applied to Libby Seery's new course. I worked in my chosen field of photography. I am pleased with the finished images as I worked hard to convey the message of each assignment.
American Indian Petroglyphs of Idlywild, California. 
Photography Credit: Christy Harrison
Section: 1 Lecture: 4
Arts Therapy: History and Context
Cave Paintings
Throughout this creative process I have learned to trust my artistic instincts and that my inspiration will prevail.
Cave Painting Interpretation.
Medium: An Actual Rock
Saying Added to back of Rock.

Section: 5 Lecture: 42 
Arts Therapy Techniques in Practice-Part Three
"Avoiding Over Interpretation."
Working with non-verbal, un-communicative clients.
Title: "Diminished Dreams" Dealing With Anger. 
Having a Dream. Having external forces causing you to place a dream on hold. 
I created a storm that is brewing. Light and airy on one side to dark and gloomy.
Section: 3 Lecture 34
Arts Therapy Techniques in Practice-Part One
"Authenticity, Creativity, and Recovery"
Create an art work after visiting a "Happy" place.
Title: "Message From Nana"
This art work represents my first experience with death and the passing of my Nana. 
Section: 3 Lecture 34
Arts Therapy Techniques in Practice-Part One
"Authenticity, Creativity, and Recovery"
Create an art work after visiting a "sad" place.
Title: "Missing You"
Section: 5 Lecture 45 
"After Math of War, Terrorism, & Crisis
Title: Disco Disaster
Image Composites created in LR & PS. 
Image inspired by the night club terrorist attack in Paris.

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