Original Wedding Image.
Bridal imagery is a specialty to edit as both the bride and groom want to look their very best in their photos from such a special day in their love story, as those memories will be cherished forever.
Stray hair, uneven makeup, and a thin spot in the beard are to be edited for perfection.
Final Image.
This image is a good example of taking editing to the extreme. Learning to add individual hair in the beard, and smoothing the skin of this bridal couple was too severe, and didn't look realistic.
Final Print.
After much practice this image has a more natural look to it. 
Original image.
Artistically applied makeup, coupled with a difficult shooting atmosphere, as the model had been given some distressing family news prior to shooting, which gave each of us a challenging photo and editing session. This model was a professional and powered through the session for this amazing image.
Final Print.
Skin smoothing to a more realistic approach. I also lightened her skin tone a bit as well.
Original Image. 
This was actually a studio lighting class. We were experimenting with using one beauty dish. I softened Paisley's skin tone so her image was perfect for her "Look  Book."
This image also had two additional things that needed adjusting in the final print. Her necklace is uneven, and her camera right shoulder is uneven as well. After several different attempts using different techniques, this is the closest to satisfactory I have reached thus far. It needs further work to be perfect though.
Image comparison.
In this final image Paisley's necklace has been straightened, and her shoulder has been aligned a little closer to straight on.
Fair skin, blue eyed beach goer who weekends on a sail boat. This model is tan all year round due to her love of the ocean. After awhile under the studio lights I had to even out her makeup in Photoshop. I added a little eye shadow and eye lashes so her blue eyes stood out. I also whitened her teeth.
I have learned that there is a natural editing look that is preferable to most men and women. Leaving evidence of texture aids in a realistic final edit. Learning more advanced skin softening techniques and finding that happy medium has been my goal. 
Final image comparison. 
The before image has been edited to a realistic stage.
In the after image the editing has been taken further to an extreme "Magazine Ready" stage. The editing is very obvious and the model is unrecognizable to themselves.
Before Edits. 
Fly away strands of hair, uneven makeup.
Final image. 
Edited out fly away stray hair, evened out skin tone and textured make up. A realistic softening of the skin while leaving texture for a realistic final print.

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